Web Development Studies – British Columbia Institute of Technology, 2014—2015

BCIT Technical Web Design – Certificate.

The TWD program in hands-on combining current web design technologies with challenging assignments, structured projects, and industry experience.

This was a 6 month intense program.
I successfully completed the courses and received a certificate.

Following skills has been updated to the current industry standards:

• JavaScript, jQuery
• WordPress, Drupal
• E-Commerce
• Bootstrap
• Github
• UX Design, Balsamiq

The below projects have been created while I was with BCIT and are mostly for educational purposes:

BCIT – OAT Program Site Redesign and Development
Responsive Web Design and Development using HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, PHP

The BCIT OAT faculty needed a redesign for their program website. Our goal was to create a clean, simple and professional website for students and faculty to use. We worked on logo design as well as on responsive mobile design and development.

Circle Wellness Studios
Responsive mobile design, using Custom WordPress Development, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, PHP.

Redesign of Circle Wellness Studios to promote their luxury, unique saunas that use himalayan salt walls to promote overall health and wellness, for both residential and commercial clients. The work included rebranding as well as responsive mobile design, using Custom WordPress Development, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, PHP.

Visit circlewellnessstudios.com

Responsive website, hand coded using HTML5, CSS3, jQuery.

3JS is a jQuery tutorial blog, featuring 3 JavaScript plugins every month. Explore some great image, gallery and text tools for your website.

Visit 3js.corlop.ca

Facility Retreats
Responsive website, hand coded using HTML5, CSS3, jQuery.

Facilitaed retreats is a search engine for retreats and workshops where people can find, promote, design, and advertise facilitated retreats.


City Owl
Parallax hand coded website using HTML5, CSS3, jQuery. Logo Design

Web design and development for an city event company.
City Owl is bringing you information and upcoming events at the Crossroads of the World, New York at night.

Visit cityowl.corlop.ca

Makhai Games Inc.
The online game has been hand coded using JavaScript.

Makhai Games Inc is a fictive online game company. While at BCIT, I developed business site as well as JavaScript based game.

Visit makhai-games.corlop.ca

Hand coded online store using HTML5, CSS3, jQuery.

(John) Dillinger is a high-end fashion label started by John Dillinger in the heyday of the great depression. For this group project at BCIT, I collaborated with student Jason Junge. We worked on a fictional proposal for branding and an online store.

Visit dillinger.corlop.ca/

Fictive online fashion label Balsamiq and Photoshop mockup.

Game Interface
Photoshop Before/After assignment using Photoshop

Illustrator Tracing
One of our assignments at BCIT was to convert art to vector using Adobe Illustrator.