Print & Branding

Logo Design

Logo design, rebranding and the process of scribbling down ideas and drafts, finding the right font and booting it up with Adobe Illustrator.

Logo Design

Logo design for Fidelity Developments.

Fashion and Sports


National Pharmaceutical Strategy Report – Brochure
Logo Design, Design and preparation for print, English, French

The National Pharmaceutical Strategy is a federal-provincial-territorial initiative investigating options for a national pharmaceutical program.

Designed the layout, logo and branding of the Progress Report for Health Canada (Federal/Provincial/Territorial Ministerial Task Force on the National Pharmaceuticals Strategy) and managed the print publishing.

ISBN 0-662-49443-1 (English/French)
View the full PDF version here:

BBITS – Tri Fold Brochure
Design and preparation for print

Logo Redesign
MDE is a growing company that provides both electrical and mechanical services.

CD-ROM, Audio CD and Booklet Bundle

Logo Design
L’équipe de la Colombie-Britannique

Design and preparation for print

Campus 2020 – Logo Design and Branding
The Campus 2020 Plan for British Columbia’s Post-Secondary Education System.

BC Team Handball Federation – Logo Design

Praxis Marek – Logo Design


Silver-gelatin photo emulsion on egg