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An interactive journey through 12 audio scapes leads the user into the ear and beyond, with the aim of re-awakening a realization of what it means to hear.

The CD-ROM [AboutHearing] is based on sound navigation. The user navigates on spheres of auditory sensations.

Speaker: Meike Westermann

Awards & Exhibitions

Milia 2001
Cannes, France
LearnTec, 2001
Karlsruhe, Germany
at 21, 2000
Vienna, Austria
Europrix – Top Talent Festival 2000
Presentation and Exhibition
Transfer Multimedia
Special prize of MFG
Student Award 2000
Nomination »Top five of Europe«
red dot
German Prize for Communication Design 2000
High design quality. The award for high quality as an outstanding expression of aesthetics, innovation and precision in form and function.