Interactive Multimedia Installation, Memorial and Museum Sachsenhausen

The multimedia application »The everyday life of prisoners at Sachsenhausen concentration camp 1936 to 1945« as part of an exhibition is based on the experiences, actions and conduct of prisoners. It focuses on their subjective experience. Individual fates that differ as greatly as possible are presented in 20 biographies.

Multimedia Demo Reel

Communication Arts
Winner Categorie »Info Design«


The focus of the multimedia application design are volumes that can be scrolled through dynamically. A clear and definite user interface is required to give the mass of researched materials (around 3000 items) a form and make it accessible to users.

The multimedia application is divided into subject and personal levels (biographies) that penetrate each other. The biographies are classified by subject, with the subjects in turn being made up of individual aspects of the biographies. All the subject and personal volumes are framed by selection levels – the subject groups and individual biographies begin with short self-running introductions.

Interactive Media Station


Awards & Exhibitions

Communication Arts
Interactive Annual 9, 2003

Winner Category »Info Design«
Society of Puplication Designers
SPD 38th competition, 2003

Gold Metal, Category »New Media«
IBI – Institute für Bildung in der Informationsgesellschaft
digita 2003

Winner »Privates Lernen«
HOW Interactive Design Competition
Award 2003

Winner of Outstanding Achievement Award
Deutscher Designer Club
Award 2002

DDC Silver
EMMA Foundation
Award 2002

Nominated for EMMA 2002
Contest 2002